The Great Stuff Giveaway – WIN A TYLT ENERGI 10K BATTERY PACK


Back with a prize-giving vengeance, The Great Stuff Giveaway is chock full of some of the hottest tech in gadget-town. Everything you see in the ‘WIN’ section of the website is up for grabs in our massive prize bonanza. Good luck.

It’s one thing to worry about running out of juice on your smartphone but to have the same thing happen to your backup phone (we know you carry one, don’t try and hide it) is a bonafide travesty. Until somebody sorts out the law of diminishing battery life attributed to heavy Youtube usage you could do worse than carrying around this rechargeable 10,400mAh energy pack that will fully charge both up to four times. It even has a third USB port for that tablet we also know you’ve been lugging around.

Competition closes 31st October.

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