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Ah, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4, Stuff’s reigning champ of phablet-land. That lovely big battery, the 16-megapixel camera, the SD card slot that’s expandable to 128GB – it all adds up to a world-beating device that will have your crestfallen chums desperately justifying their own handsets.

And there’s plenty more about it that makes it great, like the massive 5.7in screen, that yes, while it’s big enough that you’re going to struggle to keep it in your back pocket, you’re not going to want to anyways thanks to its incredibly high resolution (Quad HD) and Super AMOLED technology that makes anything – from your own cameraphone snaps to TV shows and films – look eye-poppingly gorgeous. The big screen really steps into its own when you pop

the Note 4’s intelligent stylus out of its holder. Pull out the S Pen and the Air Command wheel appears, allowing you to shortcut to various write-on-screen activities. The S Pen is also pressure sensitive, so the harder you press, the thicker your text appears and, thanks to accurate handwriting recognition, it’s perfect for jotting down notes. That 16.7-megapixel camera we mentioned earlier is matched on the front by a 3.7-megapixel selfie snapper, and they both have built-in optical image stabilisation which means you can take sharp photos even if you’re moving about in dim light.

Throw in a slew of innovative multitasking options and the Note 4’s Ultra Power Saving Mode (that will squeeze out up to 24 hours of extra juice from the last 10% of its already massive battery) and you’ve got yourself a device that’s more pocket supercomputer than regular old smartphone.

Oh what’s that, you can’t believe you’ve been missing out on all this phablet goodness? Lucky we’ve got one to give away then…


For a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 answer this simple question…

The Galaxy Note 4 comes with an intelligent stylus called the…?

A S Pen

B S Club Seven

C Sharpie

Competition closes March 31.

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